Jackie Romankow

Voice & Dialect Coaching

Reach out to me via email for coaching inquiries:

Email: jackieromankow@gmail.com

 Vocal training includes:

– Singing for actors

– Musical theater singing

– Legit and belt training

– Any and every age welcome!

– Zoom or in-person (if located in NYC) lessons available

Dialect specialties include, but are not limited to: 

– British 
(RP, Cockney, Standard British)
– American
(Southern, Boston, New York, Midwestern)
– Australian
– Irish

Dialect Coaching Resume 


Welcome to my coaching page! I’m so happy you’re here — I have a very deep passion for voice, speech, and dialect coaching. I myself have trained with Katie Travis and Stan Dunn for singing/vocal performance, and have trained under Christine Hamel and Charles Linshaw at Boston University for dialect work. 


Whether it be through singing, talking with an accent, or simply speaking as oneself, I believe it is important for everyone to connect to their truest voices. Specifically for actors, the use of one’s voice should support the characters, relationships, and story being told. I am dedicated to helping everyone find their own unique way of approaching the voice, and cater to my students’ individual needs and strengths in order for them to grow.


Note: Singing and Dialect coaching are approached individually and separately – if you are looking to book lessons, please specify which skill you would like to work on!


Please reach out individually for rates.