Jackie Romankow

Jackie Romankow

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Meet Jackie…

Jackie Romankow is a chronic oversharer, a dedicated crafter, and a working actor.

Since leaving NJ, Jackie graduated from Boston University with a major in Acting (concentration in Musical Theatre) and is now a Brooklyn-based actor, singer, and performer. She spent her NYC debut performing as “Eleven” in Netflix’s Stranger Things: The Experience. Since then, Jackie has done Shakespeare regionally, participated in new play workshops, and was a finalist in the Queens Short Play Festival 2023 for her character of Kit in I’m Trash and So Are You (left photo).

In addition to acting, Jackie has a focus on voice work including dialects, public speaking, and singing. With Joan Baez as a strong role model, her voice is that of a legit soprano with folk tendencies (check out her singing reel here to see what she’s talking about). Feel free take a peek at her previous and current projects BELOW while you’re at it…

A lover of all things comedy, musical, and paper mâché, Jackie definitely has all the best stories at parties.

Photo: Lili Davis


Jackie previously starred in a rom-com short film, The Way Things Used 2 B, released in December 2021

This fall, Jackie performed in Shakespeare in the Woods’ 2022 season: Hermia (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Titus Lartius (Coriolanus), Martius (Titus Andronicus)

Jackie recently played “Eleven” in Netflix’s new Stranger Things Experience in Brooklyn, NY through August 2022

Jackie is set to feature on the original cast recording of an upcoming concept album for new musical Butterfly’s Hunt, written by Gianna Ferraro, coming out in Fall 2022

Jackie Romankow


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